Sometimes having a home office isn’t possible – especially if you live in a small, one bedroom apartment! For someone who can’t wait to have an office someday, I’ve created a mobile office with a Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote. It’s the perfect size to house all of my necessities for organizing my home life.

While I have my mail station and my filing cabinet, I needed something mobile for my home management binder, address book, planner, etc. I loved Jen from IHeart Organizing’s idea of putting an open-top file box (the medium size from The Container Store) in the tote to give it a sturdy hold for everything I need to tote around.

Want to see what’s in my bag?

The files I have are:

  • printables: blank printables that I’ve created for my Etsy store and have printed to take pictures of. I use all of my printables, so I store them in this file until I’m ready to use it.
  • daily plan: blank copies of my daily plan printable — I don’t like to hole punch them because I use them on a clipboard, not in my home management binder.
  • to-do lists: these are my filed out to-do lists which are sometimes on a clipboard, but not always unless I’m working on checking things off.
  • blog: anything blog related
  • blank tab: not sure why it’s in the middle or what I’m going to put there yet.
  • check it out: when I go through magazines every month (which I, unfortunately, get a million of…it’s truly an addiction) I always have a piece of paper next to me so I can jot down anything I want to check out online or wherever. I then place the paper in this file so I can check it all out when I have the time.
  • scan: pages from home & school magazines that I tear out and scan onto my computer in a PDF document to keep for later reference.
  • create: anything I find that I want to create
  • buy: things that I want to buy
  • paper: blank lined paper

I also have my:

  • home management binder
  • address book (which I’ll show you tomorrow…I just made one myself)
  • BusyBodyBook planner
  • clipboard
  • home/storage magazines that need to be gone through

In the front pockets, I have colorful markers, scissors, Scotch Precision Cutter (love this for cutting out magazine pages), label maker, stapler.

In one of the mesh side pockets, I have tape, extra-label tape, and double-stick adhesive. The other mesh pocket is empty for now.

In the back pockets, I have Post-It notes, page flags, rubber bands, and binder clips.

This post is not compensated in any way. I wrote it because I wanted to, not because I was asked to by anyone.