My Notebook is a bi-weekly blog post series of inspiration – from me to you! I share my favorites – things found on social media, blogs, stores, and more. Content can be newly published on Instagram or an oldie dug up from Pinterest. Anything goes!

What I’m Grateful For

  • For Christmas last year, my fiance and I went to Florida with my father and step-mother. It was a fun, relaxing time and we made some great memories. It was unlike me to unplug (yes, I tend to work 24/7, even on vacation), but it was so worth it. 🙂

Quote I Love

  • Gratitude is a magnetic energy that draws people to us. -Anne Lamott

Links I Love

What I’m Loving Right Now

  • Weight Watchers – I started WW on January 1st and have already lost 6 pounds! I’m using the new Freestyle program, which I love because skinless chicken and turkey breast, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and eggs are all now zero points! I haven’t found myself craving anything that I cannot eat for a reasonable amount of points. I finally feel like WW is going to be a success for me. Mind over matter!
  • DietBet – This is completely new to me, but I joined 2 challenges. I paid the entry fee to the challenges and have to lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. If I meet my goal, I get my entry fee back and split the pot with other winners. (The pot = money from those who did not meet their goal.) It’s motivating and fun to participate in something new!
  • 8fit & Sworkit – I’ve been using these 2 apps on my phone to exercise. I’m not a gym person and it’s been far too cold to go outside walking or running. I am not someone who really ever participated in anything active, so this was not easy for me to start. I really love the ease of using the apps and the workouts are different every day. 20 minutes of giving my best is what I expect from myself. Most of the time I’ve been motivated to continue for a bit longer to get in 30 minutes of activity.
  • Hydro Coach – This app (on my phone) reminds me all day long to drink water. It logs my water intake for me so I can make sure I’m drinking enough throughout the day. Upping my water intake has helped me with feeling full and grazing on snacks less.
  • Full Focus Planner – For a high achiever (and perfectionist), this planner is a game changer. Sure it’s not all colorful and gorgeous like the Erin Condren planners, but this is more practical for what I need.
  • Your Best Year Ever – I am currently reading this book by Michael Hyatt. He’s an entrepreneur and productivity guru. I’m learning so much about how I’ve been setting goals all wrong my whole life. I feel that this year I will meet all of my goals.

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