DIY Fall Wreath | The Nesting Effect

Yesterday I was in a crafty mood and made a new front door wreath for fall. I was inspired by a Pinterest search for a “monogram wreath”. I found a number of wreaths I love, but they were all between $50 and $80 on Etsy! (Yikes!) A.C. Moore to the rescue – it was just $32 for all of the supplies and only took about 30 minutes to create. {Side note: Did you know that teachers, military, and students get 15% off their purchase at A.C. Moore? I had no idea!}


  • Wooden Letter
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Bow
  • Flowers
  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1: Paint the Letter

I bought outdoor paint for my letter, hoping it will hold up in the weather. I used a foam brush to paint both sides of the wood.

Step 2: Cut Stems Off Flowers

Use wire cutters to cut flowers, but be sure to leave about 1-inch of a stem on each flower so you can easily hot glue and stick it in the wreath. Pull the greens off the stems to use on the wreath, too.

Step 3: Arrange

Arranging the flowers and leaves took me the most time. I tried several different layouts, taking pictures of each one so that I could decide what looked best.

Step 4: Hot Glue

Step 5: Hang It Up

I absolutely LOVE my end result!