It’s clear to see why bullet journaling has become so popular over the last few years. Most planners out there don’t come with the full flexibility that most of us need. Over the years, planner after planner that I’ve purchased has gone wasted. Unneeded pages and layouts that just don’t work for me left me feeling less than satisfied. Bullet journaling appealed to me because of the flexibility and the way that I can easily customize what I want to include.

Brainbook Bullet Journaling Guide

When I first started with bullet journaling I felt overwhelmed. There’s so much out there as far as examples go, but not much direction on the benefits and how-to. I am the type that wants a walk-through rather than just a picture to copy. Unsure of where to begin, I ruined several notebooks due to not knowing what the right markers were for the notebooks I bought. (The markers I used smeared terribly.) I didn’t follow through on journaling because there was too much information I was trying to cram into my notebook.

A month ago I received a copy of Brainbook from Kalyn Brooke and my whole vision of bullet journaling became clear. Kalyn has outlined everything you need to know about bullet journaling in one easy to read eBook. From the tools needed to example pages you could include in your notebook, this guide has everything a bullet journaler at any stage can benefit from.

Brainbook: Bullet Journaling Your Way to a More Organized Life

Brainbook is launching today and there are special bonuses available if you purchase in the first 72 hours! Along with the Brainbook guide, you’ll also get three extra bonuses – the doodle companion guide, printable layouts, and exclusive FB group – for $17. After 72 hours (which would be Wednesday night at 11:59 p.m.), the three bonuses can be optionally purchased with the Brainbook for $27.

Brainbook Bullet Journaling Guide with Bonuses

With gentle instruction, encouragement, and down-to-earth advice, Brainbook serves as your comprehensive bullet journaling roadmap so you can turn any blank notebook into a powerful planning tool that corrals your calendar, to-do lists, notes, ideas, and long-term goals in one organized place.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to eliminate “blank page fear” and set up your journal for success from the very beginning
  • Which notebooks and other supplies are best for your needs
  • The key to maintaining your journal without it sucking all of your time
  • Advanced tips and tricks to take your journal to the next level
  • Five pivotal success secrets to keep your journal top of mind so it can support everything you do
  • What to do when your journal isn’t quite working for you

But most of all, you’ll learn how to set up a personalized planning system that:

  • Simplifies your life
  • Helps you manage all your day-to-day responsibilities in addition to long-term goals
  • Supports your own personal growth journey

Are you ready to finally achieve balance in your life? Purchase the Brainbook and you’ll be on your way to bullet journaling success.

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