I can’t even imagine how much record keeping must go into having kids. Medical records, school records, medication logs for sick kids, etc. If this sounds familiar, having a family section in your home management binder may be something to consider. In a binder, the information is easily accessible and all in one place.

Since I do not have children of my own, I don’t have a section like this in my binder.

One printable I’ve made that may be of use for this section in your binder is the medication tracker.

I am open to creating free printables to share with you for the family section of your binder, if you leave a comment below with a detailed description of what you’re looking for. I need info such as the title and section/row/column headings of what you’re logging. {No guarantees that I’ll make every request, but those that are most popular, I’d be happy to create. So if you see an idea someone else has already mentioned that you’re interested in, comment with the same so I know there’s a popular demand for it!}

Important information about your home is also an idea of a section to have in your binder. Home service contact info, account numbers, paint colors, room measurements, etc. can all be collected in this section.

I’m still living in an apartment, so I don’t have home decor/renovation type info my in section. In my binder, everything in this section is filled with sensitive information. I have the following documents in my home section currently:

  • vehicle maintenance log
  • home services
  • membership information
  • important account numbers

Your challenge today is to add important family and/or home information to your binder. Also, if you have printable ideas for the family section, leave a comment and let me know!